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Let them wear Ketchup & Mustard ...

This past weekend Nike hosted one of those annual summer mega recruiting camp hosted up in Palo Alto. All the big time college coaches were there. Weiss was there. So was Pom Pom along with Karl Dorrell checking out some of the big time recruits from California. LA Times has the details, which includes a short blurb on Bruin commit hot shot QB Chris Forcier.

Anyways during the camp apparently Carroll approached Dorrell and brought up the idea of reviving the tradition of USC and UCLA wearing their home jerseys during the annual game. Scott Wolf, the Trojan beat writer (cough shill) for Daily News posted this on his blog:

Carroll approached Dorrell on Saturday and discussed the idea of reviving the tradition of USC and UCLA wearing their home jerseys in the cross-town rivalry.

The last time that happened was 1982 before the NCAA prohibited the unique practice. It's believed the NCAA would allow each team to wear their home jerseys if the schools agreed and Carroll is a firm supporter.
This is an excellent idea. I have always been supportive of this. The guys over at THC are on board too. This rivalry is unique to college football. And it would be a great sight to see the colors of blue v. the Commie Red slamming into each other whether at the Rose Bowl or at the Coliseum. So let?s hope Dorrell will accept Pom Pom's offer and then go on to end the streak at the Rose Bowl. After all last time the Trojans wore those ugly jerseys some magic happened at the Rose Bowl:

It will be up to Dorrell to do the same thing this December. The streak has got to end no matter what color jerseys these clowns will be wearing coming out of visitors' tunnel at Pasadena.