ABC Sports: Karl Dorrell is not a Prime Time Coach

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No other way to interpret the 2006 ABC Saturday Night College Football schedule that was released today.

ABC doesn't think much of Dorrell's football program. UCLA is scheduled to appear only once in ABC's prime time 8 pm ET broadcast slot.

Compared to that Chetey Petey's USC is appearing in the prime time slot 5 Times.

Even Cal which finished behind UCLA is appearing in the ABC's prime time coverage 3 times.

Clearly ABC is not impressed with Dorrell's football program and is not buying the "10 win" bullshit screaming from Dorrell's resume.

Clearly ABC doesn't think UCLA is a prime time program under Karl Dorrell, which is an indictment against a coach who so far has shown us nothing.

Cal appearing in ABC's primetime slot 3 more times than UCLA.

Guess can't really blame ABC considering we have a boring and mediocre head coach leading an average UCLA football program:

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What a FRAUD we are being forced to accept in Westwood. Thanks a lot DG. Sickening.

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