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Better Men ...

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Pearl Jam and U2 are two of may favorite bands of all time. I come from a generation which grew up watching U2, Pearl Jam, and a whole host of others who burst into scene during MTV's golden age back when we actually could watch videos on MTV (whatever happened to Duff?). So is there any UCLA angle to this post? Well sure. If any of you still have the complete broadcast of the UCLA-Arkansas game from 1995 season, you will know CBS started its broadcast with Better Men. It was good omen at least for yours truly.

So Vedder and his crew have a new album out and it is amazing. They also happened to be on a huge tour and in my neck of the woods tonight. To be honest even though I love these guys I was disappointed with their recents during last few years. But they have more then made up for with their latest album. Here is one of my favorite tracks from this CD - "Unemployable":

And here is the link if you want to check it out for yourself. I highly recommend it. Yes the album is ostensibly a fervent statement against incompetence, lack of leadership dealing with some of the more important things in our lives beyond college football, however the references are oblique. The songs from these album crackle with the electrical storm intensity that punches you right in the gutt. Pretty gratifying experience to see a group of  blue chip musicians who have finally tapped into the full strength of their group dynamic. Kind of like our basketball team from this past season.

BTW echoing the same line of disclaimer Joey has up Straight Banging, just want to make it clear that the YouTube link to PJ is posted out of love and with the intention of promoting Pearl Jam, encouraging wide-spread appreciation of their music. We are obviously not motivated by malice or profit. If you are Eddie Vedder (!) or a member or representative of Pearl Jam who would prefer that this link be removed from this site, please email us at, and we will happily honor your request.