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Morning Notes ...

There are some Bruin notes in LA papers this morning. Brian Dohn has some information/updates on the football team. Looks like Junior Taylor will be ready for next season, giving Ben Olson yet another weapon to match the incredible hype that accompanied Southpaw Jesus to Westwood. Also sophomore Robert Kibble may join the team as well after missing spring practice when flu exacerbated his multiple sclerosis. Let's wish them luck. Dohn also has some information on renovation of UCLA facilities:

Spaulding renovations: An approximately $1 million construction project began this week on Spaulding Field to install two new practice fields. One will consist of synthetic grass developed by SPRINTURF, and the other will be natural grass with a new drainage system.

"(The turf field) can be used 24/7, 365," UCLA senior associate athletic director Ken Weiner said. "It's a place of year-round training for all of our teams."

UCLA's athletic teams that usually train at Spaulding Field are using Drake Stadium during the construction. The project is expected to be finished in time for Aug. 8 opening of football training camp.
That's nice and all. Now someone should ask Ken Weiner how Pauley renovation/upgrade project is coming along. Dohn rounds up his report with info. on UCLA's TV appearances next season. As mentioned yesterday UCLA will appear on ABC's primetime coverage only once (unlike USC and Cal). They will get to play the role of "other woman" in NBC's national broadcast of Notre Dame on October 21st, and right now is slotted for regional ABC telecast for Washington State and USC game. Like bluestreet said in the eyes of national networks Dorrell is not a prime time coach. We knew that.

On basketball front LA times is reporting that both LA pro. teams will have try outs for Jordan and Arron. JD (Bruin Hoop Scoop) citing Katz of ESPN mentioned couple of days ago that it looks like Jordan is leaning towards leaving and Arron will most likely be returning. As I have said right now I am not going to stress over it. We are going to be fine one way or other. Let's all relax and wish these great kids luck.