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Dorrell continues to act like Pom Pom

Dorrell continues to act like Peter Caroll in terms of seeking accountability from the players of his mediocre program. Almost two weeks after news surfaced that arrest warrants were filed against two freshmen football players, Jess Ward (DT) and John Hale (LB) for being involved in an off campus fight back in February, Dorrell still hasn't taken the steps to put them on interim suspension. Dohn has an update on these two guys. They now have a pre-preliminary hearing court date set for June 12. Again as we mentioned before Dorrell should suspend these kids from partaking in any team related  activities on campus until their legal proceedings are resolved. We have not gotten any indication from Dorrell or the UCLA athletic department yet. Meanwhile, Dohn also notes some QB is walking on the team:

Also, with only three quarterbacks on scholarship, the Bruins wanted to add at least one walk-on for training camp, and they apparently will. McLeod Bethel-Thompson, who threw for 1,800 yards and 20 touchdowns as a senior at Balboa High of San Francisco, told the coaching staff he will walk-on.

The 6-foot-4 Bethel-Thompson had early recruiting interest from Idaho and Stanford, but he did not receive a scholarship offer.

And checkout Bethel's headband (mercy). Someone who didn't get a scholie offer from IDahFreakingHo will be fourth in the UCLA quarterback depth chart (in other words an injury or two away from perhaps being called into action). Sounds like days of Lavin when we were hailing arrivals of superstars like Ryan Walcott or Janou Roubin. Excellent.