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Explosive Details Emerging Re. CKD's Former Superstar

More troubling rumors are starting to coming out re. the former Dorrell (recruited) superstar of UCLA football program., a site which has been on this story from the get go. Apparently Drew's agent had previously claimed that his client and former Bruin (thug) Ricky Manning didn't really know each other. Well check this out:

And here's another curious factor that sets off our patent-pending bullpoopie detector.  Bakari (Drew's agent) claimed before the draft that Drew and Bears cornerback Ricky Manning, Jr. are not acquaintances.  However, Thursday's AP story says that Drew and Manning were in the same vehicle when they both were arrested.
To be fair here the LA Times has a different version of accounts than AP story cited as it reports that Drew wasn't in the car when Manning was arrested. It just says that he was not arrested with Manning the day of the (alleged) attack. So who knows? And here is another detail. According to the LA Times report it was not just one individual who was beating up the alleged victim (emphasis mine):
The victim asked the group to stop and then complained to a Denny's manager before someone in the group punched him in the face. He then was punched and kicked by multiple attackers until losing consciousness, according to Lewis.

The group left the restaurant, and Manning's SUV was pulled over by police in Westwood Village.
And speaking of this victim here is the explosive (alleged) tidbit from the guys at (emphasis mine):
Finally, here's one more tidbit regarding the incident that we've picked up from our discussions with league sources over the past few weeks.

The alleged victim is Muslim.

Maybe now the "real" media will get to the bottom of this one.
Yeap ... all this is making Karl Dorrell's UCLA football program look soooo good:

Photo: Karen Quincy Loberg/Ventura County Star

Like I asked yesterday - so exactly how has the UCLA football program improved since DG fired Toledo?

I'd like to hear some answers. I think the BruinsNation deserves some answers.