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Drunk Trojan Thug Maualuga Urinated in Public (escaped arrest again)

So Trojan thug Maualuga got off easy after punching out a student (almost bashing his brains out) at a Halloween party on campus. According to the LA Times report all Mauluga will have to do is a little anger management counseling, some AA meetings, a little community service, and issue (attorney drafted) formal apology. And here is the kicker quote on Maualuga from Pom Pom's right hand man, Trojan attorney Trutanich:

Attorney Carmen Trutanich, who appeared in court on Maualuga's behalf, said his client's "behavior that night was an anomaly" and attributed the player's actions to the stress of his father being near death from cancer. Talatonu Maualuga died Jan. 2.
So the reference to Maulauga's dying father was an official excuse for his thuggish behavior (even though Trojan Pundit desperately tried to claim here on BN that cancer reference was only used an excuse for not suspending this thug for a football game). And that nonsense about Maulauga's thuggish behavior being an "anomaly." Well it turns out that this Trojan pig apparently was acting unruly earlier this semester, going around pissed drunk urinating around campus. From Trojan shill Scott Wolfie of Daily News:
According to sources, Maualuga escaped another controversy earlier this semester when police spoke to him on the street across from an off-campus bar for urinating in public. Police decided not to make an arrest.
of course they didn't arrest Maulauga, because in his own words - he owns the police. Despite all this on campus gooinsh behavior - Pom Pom still never suspended this thug for a single football game. And you wonder why lack of institutional control has become a huge issue for Chetey Petey's corrupt and lawless program, which has become a national joke. Sooner boards getting into it: