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ESPN's Ivan Maisel loves Karl Dorrell. He practically creamed in his pants when Bruins hired Karl Dorrell, coining the term Dorrellian:

LOS ANGELES --When Karl Dorrell played wide receiver at UCLA in the mid-1980s, the coaches created an adjective to describe a player who did everything, from pulling on his socks to executing his assignments, with the precision of a diamond cutter.

"Dorrellian," recalled Homer Smith, the offensive coordinator of those teams. "He was a very exacting player. If you did your job really well, it was Dorrellian."

Dorrellian is back in style in Westwood. After four seasons of running in place under coach Bob Toledo, who followed consecutive 10-2 seasons in 1997-98 with a record of 25-23, the Bruins have a coach who plans to compensate for his lack of head coaching experience with his ability to teach and to lead.
Well after four years here is "Dorrellian" state of Bruins football - they are missing from Maisel's Preseason top-25 heading into the 2006 season. USC is at no. 6. Cal is at no. 7 and the Ducks are at no. 14. According the Maisel the Dorrellian UCLA football program was not even worthy of being considered as one of America's top-25 program unlike football powerhouses such as BYU, Northern Illinois, Northwestern, Tennessee, Texas A&M, Utah and Wisconsin.

Thanks a lot Karl for "Dorrellian" football in Westwood. GO BRUINS!