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Arron & Jordan set their workouts ...

As usual Dohn is on top of news (unlike his counterparts at the LA Times) brewing out of Westwood:

Afflalo said he has workouts scheduled with four teams, beginning with the Lakers. By this time next week, Afflalo said he will also work out for the Indiana Pacers, Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers.

Through UCLA, Farmar said he is not conducting interviews until he reaches a decision on whether he will remain in the draft. But he will work out for the Clippers today. His mother, Mindy Kolani, said her son also had workouts scheduled with the Lakers and the New Jersey Nets.

Farmar is also trying to solidify workouts with Sacramento, and possibly a few others, but Kolani said "I'm not sure that's been completely cemented."

It's common for hometown teams to work out college players. But more intriguing for Farmar, as well as UCLA, is the Nets' interest.

New Jersey has the 22nd and 23rd picks in the first round, and it could be willing to select Farmar to back up, and learn from, Jason Kidd.

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