The reality about Farmar

OK, from the 10-12 mock NBA drafts I've seen, almost everyone projects Jordan Farmar to be taken in the first round.  Assuming this to be true, and assuming that this is the same thing he is being told by NBA teams and scouts, I think we can safely assume that Jordan will not be back next year.  On the other hand, I haven't seen a single projection of Afflalo being a first round choice and several don't have him being taken until the last 2nd round, if at all.  Thus, I suspect that Aaron will be back.

Of course, this is very unfortunate for the program, as I feel that with Jordan back in Westwood, we had an excellent chance of returning to the Final Four.  Without him, we may still be a Sweet 16 team, but I can't see us being a legitimate title contender.

Personally, I don't know why he would leave early just to be a late first round pick.  If he returned for his junior year, he would most definitely be an improved player under the continued tutelage of Howland, possibly an All-American.  He would also likely be a lottery pick with another season of experience.  As far as I know, he doesn't have a family and/ or children that depend on him for financial support, so why not come back for another year?  This would certainly not be tantamount to dumb-ass Leinart returning for a senior season after wining a national championship and the Heisman, and already  virtually assured being selected with the #1 pick.

Alas, perhaps I am too caught up in my own selfish desires to see #12 raised in Pauley and I should defer to Jordan's dreams of playing in the NBA.  And maybe there isn't such a big dropoff from Jordan to Darren Collison, but I sure did love watching Jordan run the floor this year.  He is such a talent and could be something truly special   for the Bruins this year.  And maybe we will still have enough talent to seriously contend for the title this year.  But damn, I would love to have another year of Jordan at the helm.

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