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100 More Days ...

Yes I am keeping track of the countdown clock.

Just 100 days left 'till our season opener at the Rose Bowl. And it looks like the Utah fans are conceding a loss:

Should Lose:

UCLA - As much as I'd love for this to be a toss-up, I'm confident in saying Utah won't be favored heading into the game. The Utes may upset the Bruins, but it will be a difficult challenge and one I'm not sure Utah is ready to do right now. Of course, this game isn't a sure loss and so the possibility is there, it's just not a big enough of one to warrant placing in the toss-up category.

If UCLA loses this game, it will be Karl Dorrell's CSUN moment (then again one can argue he already has had multiple of those moments in disgraceful losses against USC, Fresno State, Wyoming, Arizona .... you get the picture).

Anyways ... can't wait for this: