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(NBA draft) buzz from campus

Wondering what our students are thinking about Jordan and Arron? While we are discussing Jordan/Arron trying out for the NBA here is a pretty good clip of interviews of students on campus commenting on the issue:

Not bad. It was done by Bruin News 29, a student run cable channel from campus. Looks like the first interviewee - Amanda has the right perspective on how this will play out.

BTW Jordan had his workout with the New Jersey Nets. New York Post has a report on how it went. Jordan went up against a 2G, MSU junior Shannon Brown. Here is Jordan's reaction:

Brown said he felt he achieved his workout goal of showing "if I miss every shot or if I turn the ball over, I'm going to compete until I can't no more."

For Farmar, it was harder to show his strength.

"My biggest strength is running a team and being a floor general," said the point guard who helped the Bruins to the NCAA championship game, where they lost to Florida. "It's hard to show it one-on-one and two-on-two."

If he wants to show his strength on running a team and being a floor general, then it just another reason for him to come back at least for one more year and have a dominating college season leading a team. But hey that's just my opinion. Apparently Jordan's work out with Clippers also went so so:
Farmar worked the pick and roll very well, but reportedly struggled to penetrate and also to stop penetration, and didn?t shoot particularly well.
Again let's see how this all plays out. This is Jordan's decision. It is up to him whether he wants to stay in the draft as a possible late first rounder/early second rounder or come back as a sure fire first rounder after his third season. No matter what we wish him luck.