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Dorrell's Football Program in the Top-10

Since we are on the topic of lists. No one is confusing Dorrell's program as a top-10 football program. However it is getting a lot of off/preseason love for another reason. Some of you know the boys over at EDSBS are keeping a running tally of the college football program with most off-field issues during this long off season, calling it the Fulmer Cup. Here is the "scoring system". Karl Dorrell's football program, thanks to the shenanigans at a house party, is in the top-10:

USC is on the bubble with 3 points (full scoreboard). So we are beating them in something when it comes to football (this season). They of course have this market cornered under Pom Pom.

Again we are still waiting for Dorrell to take some kind of decisive action re. Ward and Hale, signaling he will not tolerate any off field crap, unlike other elite coaches in college football.

A football program we can be really proud of both for its onfield and off field accomplishments. Gotta love that Dorrellian Football at UCLA.