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Another Wizard of Westwood ...

Ok couldn't stay away. Another quick hit courtesy of ESPN's Page 2. They have a profile on yet another Wizard of Westwood, not Al Scates, softball coach Sue Enquist:

The other night, I spent an hour clicking through an online photo album of the UCLA softball team. Refreshingly, the pictures did not fall in line with the recent trend of college coeds coerced into their underwear (BN Ed.) as part of some athletic admission process.

Instead, these photos illustrated the product of an admirable initiation: a rite of passage into the most storied softball program in the country. The proof was in the megapixels: squared shoulders, high elbows, two hands, hips over toes, compact swings, textbook cover schemes. You need only to examine the Bruins in action to notice they are living tutorials of coach Sue Enquist's teaching methods.

In fact, perhaps the only thing more remarkable than their on-field precision -- UCLA has won 11 national championships -- is their equally impressive performance when they're not in uniform.

While some of the nation's most respected college athletic programs are seeing their reputations dashed in the instant a 19-year-old drinks their good judgment under the table, the UCLA Bruins manage to preserve a paradigm of class and conduct.

Enquist is the mastermind behind's UCLA softball success. While her sport might not garner prime-time press, her accomplishments in blue and gold reach epic proportions. As a player, Enquist led UCLA to its first national championship in 1978 and became the school's first softball All-American. Now in her 27th year on the coaching staff (she was first an assistant and then co-head coach with Sharron Backus from 1989-96), her 46-7 Bruins are blazing through the postseason in hot pursuit of their 12th national title. They play host to South Florida in this weekend's NCAA super regionals (Saturday, 6 p.m. ET, ESPNU; Sunday, 3 p.m. ET, ESPNU).

Enquist's Bruins are on national TV tonight. You can check the scores here. Our apologies if we haven't really been writing about these Lady Bruins. You see we take note when they bring home the NCs, which is par for the course for all athletic programs in Westwood except when it comes to football. Somehow standards have been lowered for Karl Dorrell.

Anyways ... good luck to Coach Enquist and the Lady Bruins. Perhaps they are the ones who will bring home number 100. Hope all of you are having a great weekend.