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Koral becomes a feel good story for Bruin football ....

David Koral gets a chance to make an NFL roster (despite being the no. 3 QB in UCLA's depth chart), and he is stoked:

Despite throwing only five passes last season, he has reached a deal with the Indianapolis Colts and will be among three quarterbacks competing for two backup jobs behind Peyton Manning.

"I'm so excited to have a chance to play in the league," said Koral, who completed 10 of 17 passes for 124 yards in two years at UCLA after transferring from Santa Monica City College. "It's been kind of crazy how this all came about."

Koral spent two seasons as Olson's understudy, getting most of his playing time in the 2004 Las Vegas Bowl against Wyoming after Olson suffered a knee injury in the second quarter. Koral completed seven of 12 passes for 89 yards, including two touchdowns to Craig Bragg in that game, which the Bruins lost.

Congrats to this kid. We wish him luck. He believes in himself even though his head coach did nothing to help him out. In fact Dorrell went out of his way to weed Koral out of the football program when the kid was struggling with health issues (emphasis mine):
Koral played sparingly and then was sidelined because of mononucleosis, rarely practicing over the final two months of the season.

"I had never been sick before and really didn't know how to handle it," said Koral, who also lost two friends in a motorcycle accident in November. "I was depressed and lost a lot of weight. It got to the point before the SC game where Coach [Karl] Dorrell told me to stay away because I was a distraction to the team."

If Dorrell did this ... then it is a disgrace. He should be ashamed. Yeah ... that's a way to help out a struggling kid when he is recovering from a serious illness. What a joker. When he treats the players on his own roster this way, its no wonder karma is killing him on the football field. We have already pointed out how Dorrell is a clown compared to Howland when it comes to being their for his players aspiring to get in the NFL. But this is just sad.

We are glad for Koral. Obviously he will probably not be the next great QB out of UCLA. But if he keeps his head straight, works hard, and earns a spot he will make the Bruins look good (despite the tom foolery of Karl Dorrell).