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Drew and Lewis talking smack in Florida ..

Well they are talking smack to each other and having a little fun in Florida. Great video from a Jacksonville news station on Maurice and Marcedes being the newest Jags, coming together from UCLA, and also on facing off against each other in a legendary high school football game between De La Salle and LB Poly. Here again is the link to the video. And here is the story:

Maurice Drew let the media in on a little secret Tuesday.

"I covered (Marcedes) that whole game, and he didn't catch one ball," he whispered.

Drew is talking about the one time the two top picks from the Jaguars met. Drew's De La Salle high school football team met Marcedes Lewis' Long Beach Poly team in the first ever high school football championship game. The game was so big, a book was written about it.

But, Lewis has a different story of how that game played out.

"I don't know what (Maurice is) talking about," Lewis said. "I caught three passes and a touchdown in that game."

The two faced off in that game, but from there, they became teammates at UCLA for three years. And now, Drew and Lewis will be teammates again in the NFL.

In other draft related news after being drafted to become the next Neil Lomax of the NFL, the Ball Room Dancer has now signed up to contract VD. M Zone has more on the Ball Room Dancer.