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So much for Dorrell cleaning up the underbelly ...

We have been going hard after Pom Pom for last two weeks for his lawless goons at South Central. Now we are going to do the same thing with Karl Dorrell. One of the main reasons Dorrell was brought into Westwood (besides the obvious which is to beat SC and compete for the Pac-10 titles) was to clean up the battered off field image UCLA developed under Bob Toledo. Last few years instead of working with the kids in the program, Dorrell has gone out of his way to weed Toledo kids out of the program in the name of cleaning up the underbelly.

Looks like discipline issues still exist under Dorrell as two of his own recruits get implicated in a fight off-campus:

Two UCLA freshman football players, John Hale and Jess Ward, pleaded not guilty Thursday to felony assault charges in connection to a house-party fight in February.

Warrants were issued Wednesday for Hale and Ward for their alleged involvement in a brawl at the home of Ward's parents in Running Springs. The players reported to San Bernardino County Superior Court on Thursday and were released on their own recognizance after making their plea.

"We are aware of the circumstances that occurred in Jess' parents' home," UCLA Coach Karl Dorrell said in a statement. "John and Jess called me the day after the incident and told me what happened. It appears that John and Jess were not involved in the altercation other than trying to move it out of the house. Based on the information available to us, we have decided to wait until the outcome of the legal process to impose any disciplinary action."

Uhm ... that's not good enough KD. And it would really be bad if it turns out that KD was aware of this fight from February and still let these guys participate in spring drill. That would be inexcusable on the part of Karl Dorrell.

These two players should be immediately suspended from the team and banished from all team practices until the legal issues are resolved. Like we have said ... Dorrell's program so far has been a big joke. A dismal and embarrassing failure.