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Trojans falling off their horse ...

Missed this good article from Seattle Post-Intelligencer's Ted Miller on the ramifications from the South Central's recent shenanigans:

If charges stick against Sanchez, and Booty's back continues to give him problems after surgery, the Trojans offense will be rudderless next fall.

Carroll's impeccable recruiting even has faltered. While he again signed the nation's No. 1 class in February, his top two quarterback targets for next year, Jimmy Clausen and Mike Paulus, already have committed elsewhere (Notre Dame and North Carolina, respectively).

The sum total of all of this may include ramifications more substantial than embarrassment. If Jarrett is found to have received improper benefits, he could face a suspension for one or more games. Moreover, the Pac-10 and NCAA could hit the program with sanctions after investigating the Jarrett and Bush matters.

It's impossible for a coach to completely monitor the black market of college football. No program in the country is devoid of $100 handshakes.

But Carroll needs to recognize that Vince Young and others like him won't end his Troy dynasty.

It will be Trojans who are unafraid of the rules and the hangers-on who encourage them.

Like I have said - if Dorrell cannot take advantage of Trojies off fields problems by aggressively playing the recruiting field and then ending the streak at the Rose Bowl (plus 8 wins), he should resign or be fired at the end of this upcoming season. 210 more days.