More Details on Dorrell's Players Emerge (DN)

More details from Dohn at DN:

"It was based on an in-depth interview with the victim," said Annemarie Pace, the deputy district attorney. "It was just about the involvement of the two UCLA students. It was a more detailed account."

Two other men - Casey Coniglio, a former teammate of Ward's at Rim of the World High in Lake Arrowhead, and Franco Serrato - were arrested Feb. 20.

According to court records, the complaint was filed by Nicholas Mierau. Pace said Mierau was taken to the hospital after the alleged incident and was diagnosed with a non-displaced fracture of the nasal bone and bruising.

But criminal charges against Hale and Ward could lead the way for a civil suit against either, sources said. Their next court date is May 17.

So the question is when will KD make the right move and suspend these kids from the team pending the outcome of legal proceedings? We are waiting and watching. GO BRUINS.

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