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Jordan and Arron ...

Again there is nothing really new here but just in case any of you want to keep track, Luke Wynn of CNNSI has chimed in on AA and JF checking out the NBA draft scenes:

The Bruins won't crash and burn if Afflalo and Farmar depart; by subbing Darren Collison (their speedy backup point) and Josh Shipp (the injured scoring star) into the backcourt, UCLA still makes the NCAA tournament in 2007. No one in Westwood, however, cares about simply making the NCAA tournament, especially when they know what's possible with the sophomore duo joining Shipp and Luc Richard Mbah a Moute in the lineup: the school's 12th national championship.

To put it nicely, Afflalo is far more desirable to UCLA at this point than he is to the NBA. He left a miserable last impression in the minds of NBA scouts with a poor (3-of-10 shooting, average defensive) showing in the title-game loss to Florida, and his stock fell accordingly -- enough to make it unwise for him to have declared for the draft at all. To the Bruins, however, he is their rock -- on a team riddled with injuries in '05-06, he played the most minutes (83.3 percent), had the highest offensive rating (an efficiency of 115.0) and was the best lock-down perimeter defender (a nonstatistical trait that may be paramount to the other two in coach Ben Howland's mind).

Farmar could rationalize a decision to stay in the draft; he has similar draft stock to 'Nova's Lowry, which would put him in the first round (but not the lottery). Despite taking a few too many shots (on 30.2 percent of UCLA's offensive possessions), Farmar had one of the highest assist rates of any point guard in the nation (37.6) and was the team's lone bright spot against the Gators, scoring 18 points in the finale. But he could take a lesson from title-game opponents Joakim Noah, Corey Brewer and Al Horford and put the pros on hold in favor of another taste of the Final Four. The 2007 draft will be much lighter on point guards, anyway. And that, Jordan, seems like a win-win situation.

Seems to be fairly on point. One factor Luke forgot to add was JF's parents. What we are hearing is ... it's Jordan's Dad who is giving him ideas about going pro, while his Mom really wants him to come back to UCLA at least for one more year. Mom of course always knows what's best for her kid.

Also Sportline's Greg Doyel had this frank perspective on AA checking in on his draft stock. BTW apparently Doyel is leaving Sportsline, which is kind of a bummer. Because I happen to think he is one of the few national college hoop reporters who is actually aware of college hoops being played beyond the power conferences hyped on DSPN.