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Ugly Monday ...

Well that was horrible. What an awful way for the US to start to world cup. I realize we were underdogs against a dangerous European team, but I cannot come up with any reasonable excuse for the lethargic, listless, and uninspiring performance we saw this afternoon from the Red, White, and Blue. We are now 0-8 in Europe. We look unprepared and outclassed just like Karl Dorrell's team usually does against USC (or in the games against good teams). For us to have any hope in this tourney it looks like we have to win the next two, which looks extremely difficult with games coming up against Italy and Ghana. Ugh.

Our offense was a joke. Donovan had one good run before getting tripped up otherwise he was nowhere to be found on the pitch. And except for Reyna's shot there was absolutely no other serious US threat in the entire game. Our defense looked worse than offense. Granted Czechs are one of the more explosive teams in the world, but there was no excuse for the horrible performances of Lewis and Cherundolo in the backfield. Oguchi Onyewu and Beasely didn't get anything done in the middle either. Sure our midfielders showed some nifty passing and controlled the ball at times pretty well, but they leaving so much space opening up giant holes for the Czechs to mount lethal counter attacks.

What an awful way to start Monday. I am going to try to make myself feel better by watching this highlight from the Wazzu game last year:

Yes watching that video gets me all fired up about Ben Olson and the returning receiver crew, which will be bolstered by a healthy Junior Taylor.

But going back to Team USA, at this point the US team will need some miracle to make it of its Group of Death. It's too bad there are no gimmes like Washington State equivalent in Germany. Italy will always be tough, and Ghana judging by its performance this afternoon is going to put up a decent fight. Huge challenge in front of the US. Hope they at least show up to play this Saturday. Otherwise it is going to another long afternoon this coming weekend.