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The SC Game ...

For those who think it doesn't matter whether or not Karl Dorrell ends the streak against USC this season, take a look:

Hope you enjoyed those brilliant highlights. Because those are the only highlights currently available for UCLA-USC games on YouTube.

I know they are not pleasant to watch. They are ugly, disgraceful, pathetic, and embarrassing images of UCLA football under Karl Dorrell and the fired Bob Toledo. But that's really all Karl Dorrell has to show for in the most important game of every season during his uninspiring, boring, less than average three mediocre years in Westwood.

I know some of you don't want to face those dirty realities of UCLA football but you can't sweep the little fact under the rug that Dorrell has accomplished nothing when it comes to delivering on his own expectations he trumpeted himself the day he was officially hired as the head coach of UCLA football:

''My expectation for next year is to win the Pac-10 championship,'' Dorrell said. ''Winning the Pac-10 and beating our cross-town rival are the biggest things on my mind.''
Not only are we nowhere close to being one of the Pac-10 powers we are an after thought in our own town. Some Dorrell backers are already low balling expectations going into this season when talks come up about beating USC at the Rose Bowl. They are trying to set up the expectations so low so that they can trumpet a 7-8 win season without a win over USC as a sign of discernible progress. Well that is not going to work.

If you are all right with losing to these m**********ers this season you don't belong here in the BruinsNation.

If you are all right with yet another moral victory against these scums at the Rose Bowl this season you don't belong here in the BruinsNation.

If this seven game streak doesn't bother you, then you really have no business calling yourself a UCLA football fan.

No matter what happens in next few months, if Dorrell wants to remain as a credible head coach at UCLA he MUST BEAT SC in addition to winning 8 games this upcoming football. Anything less - he needs to go back to holding clip board in the NFL.

We are going to get our answers in 171 days.