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As mentioned in the diaries Kevin Love has scheduled his third unofficial to Westwood. As the Bruins Nation wait for the decision of KLove here is a quick dunk highlights video of former Bruin center, Micky Der Dan Gadzuric:

I mean, can you imagine if Coach Howland and Donny Daniels had a chance to coach someone with the talent of Danny Boy. It would have been amazing. For his part - despite never getting any semblance of coaching or guidance under Lavin in Westwood, Gadzuric was a class act. He went through his four years, grinded away day in and day out, and ended up in the NBA riding his amazing talent. Hopefully he is finally getting the coaching he never got in Westwood. A good guy all around. We will always be pulling for him.

Meanwhile here is to Kevin Love being the next big fella from Westwood.