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A National Treasure ...

Not news to us, but still very cool to see prominent a national news reporter reiterating something we already know.

Armen Keteyian of CBS/HBO sports on the Coach:

Who is the most fascinating person you've covered and who is the biggest jerk?

No jerks. At least not publicly. As for fascinating, I've had the pleasure of interviewing a ton of sports "stars" over the years - from Tom Brady to Peyton Manning to Coach K down at Duke. The one interview that rises above all others has to be legendary UCLA basketball coach, John Wooden. In the three hours I spent with him we barely talked about his 10 national championships but rather his role as a teacher and his definition of success (essentially being the best you can be.) He was almost 95 years old, so alert and quick ... reciting stanza upon stanza of poetry. I felt I was in the presence of an oracle. Coach Wooden is a national treasure - simple as that.
Krzyzewsky who?