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Football notes

Couple of late evening Bruin football related notes. First of all great news. Specifically great news for MJD. The assault count against him has been dropped:

An assault count was dropped Monday against former UCLA football player Maurice Drew, who was charged last month along with two other ex-teammates in connection with an alleged attack on a man in Westwood.

The case against the other two defendants, Chicago Bears cornerback Ricky Manning Jr., 25, and former UCLA football player Tyler Ebell, 23, is pending.


The prosecution cited "insufficient evidence to proceed" with the case against Drew, according to Sandi Gibbons of the District Attorney's Office.

That is a huge relief for MJD. Great for him. Not to mention this is also a big relief for all of us. We were concerned about the stories coming out re. MJD and it is good to see all cleared up. However all the off-field issues related to Dorrell's football program have not gone away. Keep in mind we still haven't heard anything about charges against John Hale and Jesse Ward. I still believe the prudent thing to do for KD would be to suspend these players on interim basis while the legal proceedings are being worked out. But of course when it comes to taking aggressive action the name of Karl Dorrell doesn't come into mind. Hopefully for UCLA it all works out and charges against Ward and Hale are all cleared up, otherwise it will reflect poorly not only on them, but also on Dorrell's football program.

Second, some cool news on OOC scheduling. Bruins have scheduled a home and home Nebraska for 2012 and 13:
UCLA and Nebraska have agreed to a two-year, home-and-home football series, the UCLA Athletic Department announced on Monday.

UCLA will host the Cornhuskers in the Rose Bowl on Sept. 8, 2012. The Bruins will travel to Lincoln, NE to return the game against the Big 12 Conference opponent in the 2013 season on Sept. 14.

Now this I can totally get on board with. I always wanted to take a trip to Lincoln to experience college football at the Husker Stadium:

That should be a lot of fun.

And who knows by 2012 both UCLA and Nebraska just may have competent coaches leading the respective programs.