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Decisions, decisions ...

Yes everyone is talking about Arron and Jordan (some are having nervous breakdowns in the message boards). Dohn has an update on Arron:

Arron Afflalo's last scheduled NBA workout is today with the Clippers, but the UCLA guard said he will wait until after next week's NBA predraft camp to decide whether he will return for his junior season.

Afflalo, who said he turned down an invitation to the June 6-10 camp, has struggled in workouts for NBA teams, according to several sources. He has worked out for the Lakers, Indiana, Chicago and Cleveland.

"It went pretty good," Afflalo said. "It wasn't spectacular, and you know me, I'm never going to be happy. But the workouts were pretty good."

Several mock drafts do not have Afflalo in the first round. Sources close to Afflalo said they expect him to return to UCLA next season, but, as one source said, "things can always change."

Afflalo, who is trying to arrange a workout with Memphis, reiterated he would not leave UCLA unless he was guaranteed to be a first-round pick.

"I would be foolish to do that," he said.

and on Jordan:
UCLA point guard Jordan Farmar will work out for the Phoenix Suns today, Bruins coach Ben Howland said. While Farmar is expected to go to the predraft camp in Orlando to go through testing, it is uncertain whether he also will play there.
Again people stay calm. I know it is hard to not get worked up over 18-19 year old decisions that can impact our chances to bring home banner no. 12. But we really have no other good option. I am going to take my cue from Coach Howland and support these kids no matter what they decide.

Meanwhile it looks like Plaschke has sobered up. He finally writes a sane column related to UCLA opining on Jordan and Arron. Plaschke provides an insight which we already knew:
Perhaps complicating the decision, particularly for Farmar, is the fear that he will not be able to show his skills in Howland's restrictive offense.

"Some believe that if Farmar goes back to UCLA, he will not get a lot of numbers in that system, and he won't be able to improve his standing," Givony said.

I once wondered that myself. But having spoken to several NBA officials, I wonder no more.

Howland and his system can be tough and tedious.

But he clearly teaches. He clearly cares. His kids clearly improve, and his program is clearly going to be a continual winner.

The words echo from NBA office to sideline, from officials who have spoken countless times to Howland this spring during the coach's quest to help Farmar and Afflalo make the right decision.

Playing for him can only make you better. Staying with him can only make you richer.

"I remember people saying the same thing about Dean Smith, about how his system inhibits players, and look at who he produced," said Kupchak, speaking of his former coach at North Carolina. "We can evaluate players in any system. And we love players who come from a winning system."

Howland's coaching make players better?! Wow I had no idea Bill. Thanks for enlightening us with that valuable info. I had no idea why Ryan Hollins was getting such good reviews in his NBA workouts. Anyways ... let's hope Plashcke stays sober while commenting on the Bruins. Meanwhile let's stay calm at least till June 18, which is the deadline for JF and AR to remove their names from the NBA draft.