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BruinBabe mentioned congratulations are in order for UCLA's class of 2006. Thought I write up this note since I just mentioned the commencement note below. So you recent grads will no longer be able to do this:

For those who are not familiar with this, it's the "undy run" in Westwood, which takes place during finals week so all the students can just go crazy for a while and let out their frustration from studying for so long. Nothing wrong with that. It's too bad we just had "final's yell," until the humor deprived residents from Beverly Hills forced UCLA to crack down on the dorms to put a stop to it. So hey this is even better. I am all for it.

All right didn't mean to go off on a tangent but was looking for some segway to put up that video and this was a great excuse. Yes, I just wanted to congratulate on behalf of everyone here on BN to the newest graduates from Westwood. So you are not going to get to do these undy runs any more. You won't get to scope out the hot babes on Bruin Walk or go on those silly date parties, get drunk on $1 pint nights (do they still even have them any more) or camp out for basketball games. That's all good though. Now you get to be the cranky, demanding, unreasonable alums. who had the audacity of wanting to get incompetent head coaches like Steve Lavin run out of Westwood.

Seriously though as I am sure A, O, and M will attest, life gets better in so many ways after graduation. And if there is anything we can possibly help you guys out with here on Bruins Nation let us know. As the regular readers know all of us who are front pagers are all alums. We all went on to law schools in different places. So we are all well versed on all the LSAT madness, agonies socratic method in those 1L classes, the interview madness in 2L year and so on. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. We are all living in different cities on both coasts. So yeah we can share stories, feedback if you ask. And it's not just us. I am sure there are other alums frequenting this site who went on to grad schools or got great jobs all over the country, who will be more than happy to help out (I encourage all of them to) with their words of advice.

So if you have questions, want our feedback on anything, just ask away in the diary section. Perhaps we will be able to answer or perhaps someone else. But feel free to use this forum, our community as a tool to network and get feedback from Bruin alums from all across the country (and the globe). This is what Bruins Nation should be all about.

So cheers again. And now spend your summer boozing, barbecuing, traveling, and enjoying the sun.