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Falling behind Cal ...

Cal's football coach Jeff Tedford is one of the best in business. In just four years he has established one of the better football programs in the country while working under the shadows of USC and even UCLA. Remember Cal was something like 1-10 the year before Tedford took over in Berkeley.  Well the recent news concerning off-field assault allegations against Cal QB Steve Levy also showed why Tedford is one of the best program leaders off the field. From S. F. Chronicle:

The Cal quarterback who came off the bench last season to lead victories in the Big Game and the Las Vegas Bowl was jailed this weekend in San Francisco on suspicion of felony assault for allegedly throwing a pint glass at a doorman who had asked him to leave a North Beach pub, police said Monday.

Steve Levy, a 22-year-old senior who lives in Berkeley, has been suspended from football team activities while the university looks into the Sunday morning incident at Kells Irish Restaurant and Pub on Jackson Street. Cal Athletic Director Sandy Barbour said the university had spoken to Levy and to police, but she declined to discuss those talks.

"We've taken initial action, we're gathering information, and when we have all the facts we'll determine what's appropriate," Barbour said.
Yes, it was Cal's AD making the public statements, but it'd be reasonable to infer that she took those actions in concert with Jeff Tedford. This is very different from how Dorrell (and Gurrerro) have handled the off field stories concering Ward and Hale. Just like Ward and Hale the allegations against Levy haven't been proven in a legal forum yet. Still Cal is not taking chances suspending its quarterback from "football team activities." Dorrell could have taken similar actions in Hale and Ward's case and distinguish itself from Fulmer of the West. Thanks to lack of leadership from Dorrell (and Guerrerro) UCLA missed the mark. Just another example of how Cal is leaving UCLA behind in establishing a solid football program. Sad really.