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30 days till pre-season practice

I'd bet lot of you are keeping an eye on the countdown clocks above. Just less than 2 months to go before Bruins storm out to the Rose Bowl. But for those who can't wait for pre-season practice - it gets started in 30 days. Details from the official site:

UCLA will open its 2006 pre-season football practice on Monday, August 7. The Bruins will practice once daily from August 7 through August 11 as part of the NCAA acclimatization process.

The first practice in full pads will be Friday, August 11. Two-a-day practices will begin on Saturday, August 12. New NCAA rules instituted in 2003 prohibit two practices on back-to-back days.

On Saturday, August 19, the Bruins will hold their first major scrimmage of Fall Camp. The scrimmage will be held at Drake Stadium, beginning at 11:00 a.m. Players will be available for photographs and autographs following the scrimmage.

All practices will be between August 7 and 18 will be on Spaulding Field and will be open to the public. Practices beginning August 20 will be announced at a later date.

To see the tentative day-to-day practice schedule make sure to check the official site.

So, in about 30 days, posts about how everyone looks bigger, stronger, and more determined, and all the feel good stories about team chemistry, will be popping up all over various Bruin message boards. You know, the same feel good posts we have been reading every August since 2000 (I will leave 99 off the list since we were coming off the McNown era and were in the middle of that ugly handicap scandal).

Well, I sure hope those optimistic reports keep coming this August. I am certainly looking forward to reading those positive posts that will only reinforce our contention about how Dorrell will have to deliver (9 wins and beat SC) in his fourth season in Westwood. Ya know ? like delivering on the expectations he set for himself (winning the Pac-10 and beating our cross-town rival) in his very first press conference in Westwood.