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CMU to hire Howland assistant Zeigler ...

This is awesome news. Hopefully all parties can dott the i's, cross the t's and close this deal soon:

Central Michigan is expected to hire UCLA assistant Ernie Zeigler to replace Jay Smith, according to sources close to the situation.

Central Michigan AD Dave Heeke said a news conference is expected within the next 24 hours -- possibly as early as Thursday. However, Heeke did not divulge who the choice was.
``It'll happen this week," Heeke said. ``It's been a very good process and we had a chance to slow things down. We didn't have a timeline so it gave us an opportunity to look at a large pool of candidates."

``One of the biggest things for us was a good understanding and a connection to the Midwest from a recruiting perspective," Heeke added.

Zeigler fits the bill.

Zeigler is a Detroit native whose resume includes three years under Ben Howland at UCLA, two at Pittsburgh and also head coaching experience overseas in Saudi Arabia and in China.

He was also an AAU coach in Detroit and played at Detroit Cody High, where he was also an assistant coach.

Again congrats to Coach Ziegler. This reflects well on Coach Howland. Yes again worth pointing out that while Dorrell is having to fire his coaches, Howland's coaches are getting attention and getting swooped up by mid-major. Mark of a great coach. Mark of a successful program. Howland runs one, Dorrell well you know the story.