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Good luck to Ced, Ryan & Jordan ...

NBA draft is tonight. Just wanted to wish Ced, Ryan, and Jordan luck on behalf of the entire Bruins Nation. I will not be watching the draft but I will be rooting for them ... hard. I hope these guys get picked by teams that fit their game and offer them the best possible scenario to succeed. I will remember all threem of them as great Bruins and I sure hope they enjoy a career as long as this one - one of my all time favorite Bruin. Here is a tribute to Reggie with some classic old school UCLA highlights:

And no UCLA highlights here but if you want some highlights of new school UCLA/NBA star there is BDiddy:

Uh ... can you imagine BD under Howland? wow.

Anways here is ESPN's draft page. If you are watching feel free to use this as your open thread.