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UCLA interested in carrying OSU's baggage?

Remember those glory days of Steve "Roach" Lavin when he would give out scholies to transfers (with lot of baggage) from other high profile schools (Morrison, Crispin)? Well there may be a chance we visit the same scenario in Dorrell's football program. Check this out from Around the Oval, SBN's Ohio State blog commenting on Buckeye's third year sophomore running back Erik Haw transferring out of C-Bus:

Now a lot of Buckeye fans might be saying good riddance, and bringing up the drug charges, but Haw took his punishment like a man and he always seemed like a good kid to me. It's always fun to see Columbus kids do well at Ohio State, and I'm sorry things didn't work out better for him.

I wish him the best of luck wherever he ends up (UCLA is the only possibility I've heard), and I'm sure he'll do well. He has plenty of talent, it just wasn't meant to be at Ohio State.

Per a Buckeye poster pimping the kid on Bruin message boards, apparently he is a super talented athlete who found himself in SweaterVest's doghouse:
I'll add in this for you guys.

As a senior in high school he rushed for over 3,000 yards.

When he ran a 4.22 at the Ohio State summer camp before his senior year of high school, Tressel offered.

Fast, fast, fast.

With his transfer, he will have to sit out 2006 but will be eligible for 2007. Unfortunately, he already burned his redshirt year so he will have 2 years to play 2.

I predicted he would be the next All-American RB at Ohio State, but he did get in the doghouse with Tressel (warranted).

He's been a team player all the way through it.

Uh ...I dunno.  So a fourth string running back from Ohio State (behind starter Antonio Pittman, Maurice Wells and freshman Chris Wells) with drug related issues is interested in transferring to UCLA. Not sure if that is an attractive option. I don't care how much potential this kid has or good of an athlete he is:

Photo: Jeff Mills, The Lantern

I am not sure if I am comfortable with UCLA handing out scholies to kids with drug issues from a program whose off-field issues and police blotter compare to you know who.

To be fair we have not read anything that indicates that Dorrell and his staff are interested in this kid. If they are interested and reciprocate the rumored interest of this Erik Haw kid, then it would be yet another reminder of how low this program has fallen in last three years. It'd be a pathetic move on the part of Karl Dorrell to offer a scholie to this kid. It would indicate that his recruiting efforts is not really going all that well and that he is desperate to do anything to add some depth to his mediocre program. Again we are not there yet. But something to keep an eye on.