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Daily Bruin half right ...

It's a shame how unsavy the staff in the Daily Bruin is when it comes to following UCLA sports. Some of you may remember this garbage they posted last year around this time when they celebrated a loss against USC as highlight UCLA's 2004-05 athletic season (click on the image to see the whole list):

Yeap these cheese eating surrender monkeys celebrated a loss to USC as one of the top-5 moments of UCLA?s athletic year. Well it looks like these guys still enjoy getting humiliated and embarrassed by Pom Pom's fun loving criminals. In it's main op-ed yesterday the Daily Bruin rightfully celebrated the great season of Howland's basketball squad, but also tried to slip in Dorrell's underachieving season as a "great one":

[I]t was a great year for UCLA's two biggest sports.

The football team did well, eventually ranking as high as No. 7 in the country in a season with lower expectations.

But even they were overshadowed by the basketball team's run deep into March Madness, restoring UCLA's marquee tradition to its rightful place among the college basketball elite.

I am not sure what they mean by "season with lower expectations." Majority of us over here at BN did not how have those lower expectations going into last season. Again the football team had a "great year" if you consider it is not big deal for UCLA to show up in the most important game of its football season.

It is really sad and pathetic for our campus newspaper to spin the underachieving football season as a "great one" and mention it with the same breath with the basketball one. The basketball team became champions. They won their conference regular season. They won their conference tourney and they ended up in Final-4. Sure they ultimately fell short of the standards of the greatest program in the history of its sport, but their coaches and their players left no doubt that they had reestablished the pride and glory of the Blue and Gold. The football program meanwhile finished the regular season as a laughing stock of college football:

Photo:Wally Skalij / LAT

Perhaps next season the Daily Bruin will finally get it right. But I guess we shouldn't hold our breath considering their previous track record.