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Lack of player development at Duke ...

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UPDATE 12:27 pm:Talk about a timely post. Apparently Redick was arrested for DWI early this am in Krzyzewskiville right before the NBA draft. Again events I am sure Kyle Singler is keep tracking of. GO BRUINS. -N

Shifting gears to hoops recruiting. Well we have heard this before. Coach K cannot develop the McDonald American's into NBA prospects. The latest Dukee J J Reddick has already become a sort of a joke in the NBA draft ciruit:

J.J. Redick also conducted a workout held by Arn Tellem in Southern California, also featuring Brandon Roy. Many NBA personnel made the trek, but almost all unanimously came away disappointed by the outcome. 'If I wanted to watch shoot threes in a gym all day long, I would have stayed home and watched tape of him warming up before games for Duke,' one NBA scout complained. 'A humongous waste of time', said another. 'If you don�t want to let your clients beat each other up and hurt each other's stock, that's fine, but why call us all in?"
Of course JJ is not the only Dukee who has turned out to be NBA busts.Greg Doyle had this recent observation on how the Chevy car salesman doesn't really have a stellar record when it comes to developing big men:
Transferring Eric Boateng was the latest bust for Duke, which seems (Michael Thompson) to strike out (Chris Burgess) a lot (Shavlik Randolph) on McDonald's All-American big men (Casey Sanders, Taymon Domzalski, Joey Beard). BTWBN. So here's something positive: The late signing of power forward Lance Thomas, coupled with Josh McRoberts' decision to skip the 2006 NBA Draft, will keep Duke near the top of the ACC.
Yes more food for though for Mr. Kyle Singler when he is making his picks between Howland's Bruins and the ratface's overhyped and over rated preppies from Durham.