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Moron at ESPN ...

Yesterday I called out ESPN's Andy Katz as a no talent ass clown for writing this:

He's (Jordan - Ed.) a solid first-round pick if he stays in the draft.
I warned you guys about Katz's track record when it comes to reporting what is really going in the world of college basketball. To lot of the insiders deeply involved in the world of college basketball recruiting, scouting, and coaching profession this guy is a joke. A shill who has made a career out of ass kissing coaches at big time programs. He is a certifiable moron. So just yesterday Jordan was a "solid first-round" pick according to Katz. Well guess what Katz writes today:
Farmar is considered a lock to be in the second round. If he were a lock for the first, then he probably wouldn't be here, either.

Farmar said he doesn't just want to hit a number in the first round. He wants to be in a good situation. The problem with that is he might not know for sure if he's at the bottom of the first round. Getting a guarantee from teams picking in the Nos. 20-30 range is dicey, since a more highly regarded player can easily tumble down, making that guarantee hard to keep.
WTF? How does Jordan go from solid first round pick to a lock in the second round/uncertain in the first round? Is Jordan having a bad camp? Not exactly. From BBR:
The first day session in Orlando was suppose to consist of only basketball and agility drills but players broke into teams after the first hour and played simulated games - and reports indicate Farmar conducted himself well in those games, demonstrating strong floor leadership and playmaking skills.
Also read this from DraftExpress indicating Jordan had an above average showing this morning. All on a sudden in Katz's make believe world Jordan has gone from a sure fire first round pick to a lock in the second round without having any evidence or first hand information to back it up. What an idiot.

So the moral of this post is that lot of these jack asses in the traditional media know nothing. They are guessing and just throwing shit up day to day hoping it will stick. Saying one thing one day and another thing the next day so that they can write "I told you so" in the following one. In other words take what these clowns are writing with a grain of salt. Wait this thing out till June 18th. Let's not jump into conclusion until we hear anything official or know something from a reputable source for certain. Until then wish Jordan luck. The kid is doing well in this camp and the process making Ben Howland and UCLA basketball look great. I am sure recruits are taking note.