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The Daily Bootlicker ...

You wonder why we are sometimes so harsh on the Daily Bruin here on Bruins Nation? Well here is a tasty blast from the past. This future Bill Plashcke was blasting the alums way back then for getting cranky over Lavin introducing those black home uniforms (emphasis mine):

In his third year as head coach at what is the premier coaching job in college sports, Steve Lavin has proven to be well on his way to acceptance into the exclusive fraternity of his Bruin brethren, forever entrenched in UCLA lore.

He is everything that Bruin fans want in a head coach. He's young, stylish, hardworking, debonair, positive, energetic and one hell of a recruiter. He's the first coach since the Wizard of Westwood to guide the Bruins to more than one win in consecutive postseasons. He's making a name for himself as a great coach.

He's also making a statement by bucking the system - the UCLA system, that is.

With the decision to have the players suit up in black uniforms for certain road games this season, he's letting the world know that this is his team and these are his players.

UCLA alumni and fellow traditionalists may have a problem getting used to this, but the uniforms are a great idea. It gives the team a new identity, and it marks the official beginning of the Steve Lavin era.

So much for those cranky UCLA alums eh? And you wonder why we give this paper such a hard time whenever its editors and writers come up with nonsense. Oh the kid also wrote this:

The uniforms must stay, as certain traditions need to be escorted away - their moments of glory locked away in some newspaper clippings in a file cabinet. There is a more important battle to be fought here, and a more important tradition to be renewed. Steve Lavin needs to take these Bruins, in these uniforms, to a national title.

I will guarantee that if UCLA gets to the Final Four, these same fans that are lambasting the dreaded black uniforms will be the same ones sporting the new threads come April. Old traditions die hard - but if a new, improved tradition begins, nobody can complain.

lol Yes Lavin and Final-4 sounds like Dorrell and a BCS game. So just keep that in mind when a student writer tries to shill for Dorrell ridiculing alums for criticizing the head coach if we are having a tumultuous season.

Lot of these Daily Bruin writers really are just kids who are so enamored with the access they have to court side seats inside Pauley, passes to Rose Bowl sidelines, and credentials for weekly press conferences that they often forget their responsibilities as a journalist, which is to tell it like it. That is why they tend to write so many of these types knee jerk, defensive, nonsensical, idiotic columns defending the reigning coaches without having an eye/perspective on the big picture, because they are probably concerned about maintaining their access to the program. So just keep that in mind next time you see this kind of ?fair and balanced? crap coming out of the Daily Bootlicker blasting alums, season ticket holders, fans for being down on head coaches who have not shown any inkling of greatness on or off the field.