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Southpaw Jesus

Let's start this get-away Monday after with another one of my Forty Niner-Bruin post. This one is easy. It was Ben Olson's birthday yesterday (a belated Happy B'Day to BO from BruinsNation). As we are all getting hyped up over the full throttle debut of Southpaw Jesus, I had to post this masterpiece from another lefty from BYU:

I don't believe BO will have the mobility of Steve Young, but man if he can manage UCLA's WCO, as Young did the original WCO at Candlestick, UCLA should be on its way to fulfil the reasonable expectations for 2006. And yes that game against the Vikings was during the 1988 season when 10-6 Niners barely made the playoffs and went on to win Super Bowl XVI. You can see former Bruin Randy Cross being the first OL congratulate no. 8 in the endzone. Bruins and Niner football connected in so many ways