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Much a do about nothing

A few weeks ago, huge whining broke out on Bruin message boards over the ratings/rankings of UCLA and USC QB committs: Chris Forcie (C-Force) and Arron Corps. Some posters were up and arms about Corps being ranked higher and getting one more star (5) than C-Force (Ben Olson so far is the only 5 star offensive recruit to committ to Dorrell since he took over in Westwood). The biggest complaint from the Bruin fans was that Corps was getting a higher rating than C-Force because of his high profile committment to USC. Not quite the case. From Greg Biggens one of the premiere scouts in West Coast:

So breaking down these two players, there are similarities and differences. Both are about 6-3 to 6-4 and athletic although Forcier has better overall athleticism. Now although I've seen it posted that Corp hasn't worked out anywhere, no one has seen him, blah, blah, blah, I've been watching him since his sophomore year. The former strength coach at OL was in my wedding party so I've been close to the program for years and have seen a ton of Corp and have been hyping him up long before he was offered by anyone.

He plays in an offense that is more of a veer style offense than the wide open passing offense Forcier plays in so he'll never have the numbers Forcier has (stats are another useless measure in determining who the better prospect is by the way). Physically, Corp is a lot more filled out than Chris and has shown better physical tools including arm strength, release, overall mechanics and accuracy. Forcier has a few mechanical flaws that he needs to work out and I have no question he'll be able to fix them in college and he'll need to in order to maintain his consistency.

Both players have the ability to throw in the pocket as well as make plays outside of it. Both can take off and run but also do a great job of making that first or second guy miss, buying time and then making a throw down the field. In our workouts, Corp seems a little quicker in terms of understanding what we're teaching and getting the drills. He'll pick up things faster- basically tell him something once and it's done. Forcier is far from slow and picks up things quick as well, just not as quick as Corp.

The level of competition the two have played against also probably should get a mention. OL, over the last two years, has played one of the toughest non-league schedules in the state. The toughest non-league game St. Aug played last year was against Servite- I have the game tape, and Forcier was really struggled and in fact was outplayed by Servite's QB Dan Klein.

Both kids have a lot going for them and that's why I waited all spring until we saw both before I decided who to rate higher. I had them basically equal until we saw Corp at the Elite 11 workout back in April and I said at that time, it was going to take a special performance from Forcier to overtake him. I had seen Chris before, the year before at the SoCal NIKE camp, he was the top guy there, but Corp was even more impressive. Unfortunately for Forcier, he had a bad day at the NIKE camp where his mechanical flaws were really evident, he had a hard time throwing a spiral and his arm strength and accuracy were below several others at the camp.

At these kinds of camps, timing can be off because you're working with different WRs but timing wasn't the issue, it was more a case of Chris just not physically being able to deliver the ball. Our entire staff likes his film and we liked him last year as well. We're going to see him again in Vegas for the final Elite 11 tryout and I made a special point to let him know that we want to see him again. Hopefully the Forcier from his film shows up and then we can have this debate all over again but for now, Corp is the guy and it's not because of where he's going and it's not soley because of one bad showing at a camp from Forcier. Are the two close- yes, and I think it shows a lot about Focier's potential that even the USC fans who come on this board haven't bagged on the kid but have been saying both players are going to be good and that's my take as well.

That sounds more than reasonable. I am excited about Forcier coming to Westwood. But I am not sure we should get worked up over whether or not Forcier gets ranked higher than Corps, or who gets a lot more pub. The thing that matters to me most is what happens after these kids come to college.

Remember Cade was not the best QB to come out of West during his class? He was right up there but I believe it was Brock Huard at the time (committed to U-Dub) who was the most high profile QB recruit out West and notched a little higher above Cade. We all know what happened after that. Also Brett Johnson back in the day (1989) was one of the most high profile QBs ever to committ to UCLA who was going to be the heir apparent after Aikman. Of course BJ turned out to be a joke (as did his little brother at USC).

Anyways, right now all these shenanigans about who has the better QB recruit amounts to nothing. I want to see what Dorrell does with South Paw Jesus and then we can get really excited about C-Force. After all, South Paw Jesus is the the most high profile QB prospect to come into Westwood since Troy Aikman. If Dorrell cannot get it done with Olson this year he will most likely not get it done with anyone else. Can hardly wait to see how it all unfolds in 2006.