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Jordan watch ...

Jordan had a decent day yesterday. He ran around (former) Syracuse guard McNamara. However according the account of DraftExpress still wasn't able to showcase his overall game vision:

Farmar was able to get into the lane all day, with Gerry McNamara not being able to keep up with him at all.

He made a few nice shots in the lane, including a beautiful floater off the glass while he was fading away from the basket.

He has a lot of the tools necessary for a point guard to score over taller players in the NBA.

His floaters dropped into the hoop with ease, and he was able to keep defenders on his back while making layups.

Farmar was unable to make most of his shots however, and his passing was nowhere near what we saw in college.

He did find his teammates for some good looks in transition, but struggled to find guys in the half court.


His shooting was inconsistent, hitting a few long range jumpers but being well off on quite a few more.


Farmar did a lot today to prove that he can score, he just needs to go out and display the court vision he was known for in college.

For more check out BBR.

Today is the last day of NBA pre draft camp in Orlando. Guess we may find out soon about Jordan's final decision.

Good luck to Jordan.