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Top 15 Greatest College Athletes

CNN's SIonCampus has a list (photo gallery) of top-15 greatest college athletes of all time. Here is the criteria:

To be considered for the rankings of the Top 15 Greatest College Athletes of All-Time, you must have excelled in a second sport, or better yet, like Bo, a third (or in one UCLA star's case, a fourth). See who made the cut, including one player who is still on campus.
Two Bruins make the list. Jackie Joyner-Kersee at no. 8 and Jackie Robinson at no. 2:

Click on the images to go to their pages. Jim Brown is at no. 1.

Besides UCLA the only other schools with multiple entries are UNC and ND (also 2 each). Here is the photo gallery. Of course no Trojans made the list. None. Figures because most of their greatest athletes usually do nothing but embarrass their sorry institution after they leave the minor league football factory.