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Trickery ...

Surely DeWayne Walker and his crew will be keeping an eye out for this stuff when Utah comes to town in less than two months. From Block U:

We saw these types of creative trick plays every now and then during the Toledo era. I know a lot of folks don't like the trick football, but I am a huge proponent of it. If executed properly it energizes the team and electrifies the crowd. This is the kind of stuff that makes college football so exciting which sometimes hinges on momentum. Yes, gotta love the reference to ole bawl coach by Gary Danielson in that play.

Utah is going to be an exciting game. Although the highlight above was from the Urban Meyer (Utah hired him I believe at a lesser rate than what UCLA hired Karl Dorrell back in 2002) coached team which destroyed a mediocre Pitt team, the second year Utah HC Kyle Whittingham will bring a decent team to the Rose Bowl If you haven't read M's game preview make sure to read it.

There will be no excuse for a loss against an opponent from a non BCS conference at home in our season opener. Uh yeah ... Utah fans ... I realize I am posting highlights from a BCS game, but seriously I don't really care much about a win over some poser Big Least football team at this point. The trickery highlight is cool. But we are going to need something more than that "Fiesta Bowl" highlight to consider Utah a legit threat for our season opener.

Anyways this should still be a decent pre-season game (beats having to play some chump football program like San Diego State) for UCLA. We will find out in the very first game whether the new defensive coordinator is worthy of all the pre-season buzz being generated during the long off season.