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The Den's Not So Memorable Football Season ...

The Den which is UCLA's official student fan group has been amazing this season during basketball games. They have played a huge part in brining back a raucous atmosphere inside Pauley, which has been missing since the O'Bannon years. So it is understandable if these kids are feeling good about their contributions to the Bruin student spirit these days, putting up videos from basketball games on You Tube.

But football? God knows what they were thinking before deciding to put this up on You Tube. Because the football season didn?t really provide the most memorable moments from the 05-06 athletic season.

So before this shows up on EDSBS or Deadspin or Fire Mark May, I thought I preempt them by posting this here. Here is a video from some member of the Den?s capturing a number of moments from this past football season:

As Menelaus would attest we had our share of drunken silliness in college (when we used to beat up on SC). Yes none of us have any problem with college kids (as long as they are 21) engaging in a little debauchery having the times of their lives. But to put this up on You Tube? Specially the humiliating moments after the 'Zona and SC games when we got our rear end handed to us?

Especially painful is the last five minutes of this video - leading up to the massacre in South Central. It starts at the 5.04 min. mark of the video. Oh the moments right after the Arizona debacle are not all that fun to watch either. To be fair the footage does have the bedlam at the Rose Bowl right after the Cal game, but all of that gets negated by the embarrassments from the Arizona and USC games.

So kids next time you put something on You Tube may be it's a good idea to stick to moments after big wins (yes I know we have like 1 of them under Karl Dorrell - over Tedford's Cal's team playing with it's backup loser QB). Otherwise it makes UCLA football and its fan - well the laughing stock of college football.

Anyways lot of this is kind of embarrassing but at least this kids do not look like the kewl kids from Notre Dame business school. And there is your silver lining I guess. We are not tools like those kewl kids from ND Business School. I know it's not much - but these days of Dorrell football, guess we can't do better than that.