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Here is to you Mr. Robinson

Since we are on the topic of Hall of Famers, the legendary Bruin Linebacker Jerry Robinson is headed to the college football hall of fame, and the South Bay Tribune had a great article on him. Mr. Robinson is on the same page with Bruins Nation (or we should say BN is on the same page with Mr. Robinson) about how our feelings concerning the SCums from crosstown:

After his amazing college career, Robinson went on to play 13 seasons in the NFL with Philadelphia and the Los Angeles Raiders. Wednesday, he was not timid about his dislike for Dallas running back Tony Dorsett's attitude, as well as the Cowboys in general.

He didn't pull any punches about his hatred of Southern Cal, either. In fact, a few minutes after talking about being cursed at by legendary Trojan coach John McKay during a recruiting call, Robinson slipped by uttering an expletive -- the expletive -- in a "lightning round" instant name association quiz, when asked his feeling about USC.

"I really, really apologize for that," he told the audience over and over.

Now that's a Bruin with genuine passion.
No apologies needed here. Congrats to Jerry Robinson on an amazing career at UCLA and a great career in the NFL. Hey unlike Aikman he did make it to the Rose Bowl and beat SC:

Robinson was also selected as the only Bruin in ESPN's Ivan Maisel's All Numbers Team. It's not exactly a great column considering it excludes Jonathan Ogden, No. 79 the greatest left tackle to play the game.

Oh Well. Going back to the topic of the post. Here is to Mr. Robinson. What a great Bruin. Let's hope this year's Bruin linebackers can show an ounce of that fire, passion, and intensity, JR showed during his glorious career in Westwood. If they can bring some of that then perhaps Dorrell will be able to make it and win 9 games and beat SC this season.