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Getting "hooked" in 1970

Whenever I think of Texas-UCLA I think of Route 66 and the subsequent game at the Rose Bowl in 1998 (which the Bruins won easily).

Well some Texas fans have memories that go much further back - almost three decades ago. Found this really cool clip courtesy of a Longhorns fan which has some highlights from a UCLA-Texas game from 1970. A Protho coached UCLA team went down to Austin to take on legendary Texas Coach Darrel Royal's powerful ball club:

Very cool clip. Check out the UCLA play at the 2:00 mark of the tape. Bruins come out showing I-formation, then switch up to split back, and end up throwing (faking handoff to the RB) a sweet pass for TD. Something we can hope to see Svoboda calling with South Paw Jesus running the offense.

UCLA lost the game 17-20 against a Texas team, which had a sweet running game (although they looked nowhere as pathetic Bruin defense from recent years). The Texas team went undefeated through rest of the 1970 regular season ultimately losing to ND in the Cotton Bowl. UCLA? Protho coached Bruins team finished the season 6-5, destroying USC (45-20). Not too bad.

From everything I can hear Austin is one of the best college football towns in American. And I cannot wait till 2010 when the Bruins get to square off against the Longhorns once again. Let's hope it goes more like 1997 than 1970.