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Conquest Chronicles ...

So we finally have a USC blogger as one of the newest members of SBN's blogging family. Conquest Chronicles launched last week. It is run by a friend of ours, Paragon SC, who has always gone out of his way to come across as one of the more sincere, passionate, and most importantly humble bloggers in the nascent college football blogosphere.

I was really struck by a post Paragon penned a diary in Dawg Sports about a couple of months ago reflecting on why he roots for our enemies from cross-town:

[T]he real reason I root for SC is my dad.

He is a man who accepted me into his life when he married my mom.

He is a man who I could never pay enough tribute to.

He is a man who through out the years has shown patience with me when I've made bone-headed moves but who has been one of my staunchest supporters. He taught me to be patient and to try and not get emotional.

We've always spoken a couple times a week and no matter what we talk about we always end up talking about SC and that continues today.

Kyle had mentioned that this year he hopes share the UGA football experience with his son. I have no doubt about how much he will enjoy it!  With a new baby in our home my wife and I hope share those same experiences with our daughter.  Those experiences with my dad are the building blocks of how I live my life today.

We've all got stories about our dads and sports. Each one holds something special for each of us who share our stories.  No matter what allegiances we choose as we start our own lives we will always hold our childhood teams and experiences in a special place.  Pro teams come and go but because of my dad SC will always be #1 to me.
Well, no matter who you root for, we have to respect that. I am looking forward to reading Paragon's posts over at Conquest Chronicles. I have a feeling it is going to be most intellectually honest USC Trojans blog in the college football blogosphere. Lord knows they need one badly considering how they have been utterly embarrassed by all the apologists making sorry excuses for all of their scandals during Carroll's tenure at South Central.

Well, in any event ,this should be fun. I think we are going to have some very interesting back and forth between Conquest Chronicles and Bruins Nation in the coming months/years and we are going to do everything we can to keep our conversations civil, on point, and intellectually honest. And judging from his musings on his previous blog Cardinal and Gold, I am confident Paragon is more than capable of making that happen on his part at CC.

Welcome to SBN Paragon.