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If it's in the game, it's in the game ...

I think I am about to commit some kind of heresy. I will admit straight up. I haven't had much time to delve into the world of video game since my college days (and pretty much all of it was spend on Sega's NHL 95 and NBA 95). But I can more than understand why so many consider this basically some kind of soft porn for college football bloggers this time of off-season. This week EA Sports released its NCAA 2007 and it has been christmas in July for college football junkies all across America.

Folks had been gearing up for PS2's NCAA 2007 (well at least Trev Albert was all fired up) for quiet a while and early reviews are streaming in already. From the House Rock Built is enthused:

Kudos to Challenges: It's a pretty amazing thing how each successive game in the NCAA franchise is, by and large, similar in design and layout, and yet somehow they find a way to make you look like a complete idiot the first time you play it. A few months ago, I was romping up and down the field against USC in NCAA 2006, and today I'm staring in horror as Reggie Ball torches my secondary for his ninth passing touchdown. While the gameplay tweaks are subtle, they are major enough to make for an entertaining and challenging learning curve.
While SMQ posting at EDSBS is somewhat lukewarm:
Final verdict: this one unfortunately has few changes from NCAA 2006 and looks like it has the potential to grow boring more quickly than previous versions. Hell, I may not even hit 500 games before NCAA Football 2008 comes out.
HT to Brian from MGoBlog who has his complaints.

As for UCLA, one Bruin fan already put this UCLA-heavy game-trailer up on YouTube.

All this sounds pretty fun to me but there are still this kind of nauseating ad out there which sometimes kills all the buzz. Sure hope we don't have to deal with that kind of buzz-kill when previews for NCAA 2008 shows up online next July.

Anyways how about you all? Have any of you bought your copy of 07 yet? What's your verdict?