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Hale and Ward Plead "No Contest" ...

Press release from UCLA that went out earlier this afternoon (posted on BZ):

UCLA sophomore linebacker John Hale and freshman defensive tackle Jess Ward earlier today entered a plea of no contest on one count of misdemeanor assault in San Bernardino County Superior Court in connection with an altercation that occurred in February at the home of Ward's parents.

Hale and Ward were both fined $130 and placed on informal probation.

"Now that the legal proceedings have concluded, I will meet with John and Jess and then decide on the appropriate disciplinary action," said UCLA head football coach Karl Dorrell."

Let's see what happens in next few days.

Hopefully KD will make the right move and send a message that he will not be cavalier about off-field issues unlike his counter-part from cross town. Any of these kinds of off field shenanigans should never be tolerated at UCLA.

I'd think Dorrell will take some disciplinary action and suspend these kids for at least for one game. But that's just my opinion. If you disagree of course share your thoughts in the comment thread. Do you think Dorrell should take any disciplinary measures agaist Hale and Ward or just go with Pom Pom's disciplinary tactics which 'd be making them run some extra laps during practice at Spalding Field? Fire away.