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Making the right move ...

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If Brian Dohn's source is on the money, then it looks like Dorrell may be getting ready to make the right move on Hale and Ward:

UCLA starting linebacker John Hale and reserve defensive tackle Jess Ward face suspension for the Sept. 2 season opener against Utah after both pleaded no contest to misdemeanor assault Tuesday in connection to a February altercation.

Neither Hale nor Ward were disciplined when felony charges were filed in May. At the time, both players professed their innocence in regards to an altercation that took place in the Running Springs home of Ward's parents.

However, after both players pleaded no contest in San Bernardino County Superior Court, a source close to the players said Hale and Ward expect to be suspended for the opener.


UCLA has yet to release disciplinary measures against either player, but Dorrell's track record suggests both will be suspended for a game. During Dorrell's three seasons in Westwood, a player's arrest and guilty plea to a misdemeanor count led to a one-game suspension.

Although Hale and Ward both pleaded no contest, which is different from a guilty plea, a source close to the players said each anticipated being suspended for the Utah game.
That would be right move IMHO. And it would be marked contrast from how Peter Carroll handles off-field scandals at USC. Just compare it how Carroll handled the Rey Maualuga issue last year. From Menelaus's now epic post on rundown of all the USC scandals under Carroll:
On November 2, 2005, USC linebacker Rey Maualuga was arrested for investigation of misdemeanor battery after punching a man at an off-campus Halloween party (twice, without provocation).  A witness at the scene reportedly quoted Maualuga as stating "I own the police."  Carroll took no disciplinary action, and Maualuga played the following weekend against Stanford.  One USC pundit observed at the time that "discipline is Coach Carroll's number one weakness."  On November 22, 2005, the city attorney's office declined to file charges.  Maualuga was defended at the court hearing by controversial and well-connected USC alumni attorney Carmen "Nooch" Trutanich, who has a long history with USC and previously represented both Wright and Dennis.
Again those are factual (ucontested) information reported by the timid national and local traditiona media. In contrast if Hale and Ward are disciplined, then Dorrell will be suspending two players who figure pretty prominently in UCLA's defensive depth chart. Hale is right now slotted to be the starter at SAM LB (strongside) ahead of Kyle Bosworth, while Ward is currently penciled in as backup of Brigham Harwell at DT. And given awful our defense was last year Dorrell/Walker will need the bodies in our defensive rotation. So by no means this would be an easy decision (even though consistent) on Dorrell's part.

Moreover, Hale and Ward?s reported transgression of attempting to break up a fight is nothing in terms of severity if it is compared to Maualuga?s act of punching the brains out of another student and then reportedly bragging that he "owns the police". It?s not even close.

This is what sets us apart. One school will let it's coach do anything for the sake of winning a football game, while the other will not compromise when it comes to tolerating off-field shenanigans no matter how legitimate the excuse is.

I still wish Dorrell had taken a stronger stand and suspended these kids on an interim basis from partaking in any team activities but this will do. Nothing is official yet though. Guess we will know soon. But if Dohn's report is correct (which is consistent with the report on BRO) then it looks like Dorrell is about to make the right move. Good for him.