ManPundit: Bruin Fans = Hezbollah Terrorists

Just when you thought certain Trojan bloggers could not stoop any lower to their sewer.

Check this out.

Here is what N wrote on a post on BN few days ago WRT the Auburn academic scandal (highlight mine):

Most of you who are obsessive enough to follow college football during these dog days of summer (hey nothing wrong with that) via the internet tubes , know by now about the unfolding scandal at Auburn University. Yes the ole paper of record decided to run a huge front page story (on a day the skies of the Middle East were being lit up with missiles and rockets) on a subject shocking to all of us - a major football school in the SEC might be doing something shady academically to keep its football scholars eligible. Here is the original article from the New York Times
Here is how ManPundit deliberately misrepresented N's post on his shitty blog (I am not going to dignify it by linking it anymore. I have saved a screen shot incase the scumbag tries to edit it):
After all, the World Cup is over. You might see some lame excuses in the pages of Le Monde or Paris Match, but not where something as American as college football is being discussed. I seriously doubt that Jaques Chirac, who has oddly embraced his country's national goat as a national hero (oh right, they glorify losing over there, my bad), bothered to talk up the Auburn cheating scandal in between his reflexive denunciations of Israel's right to defend itself from Hezbollah.
The mendacity of TrojanPundit is well known around this part.  But even for him this is a despicable low. Any rational and reasonable human being would infer from N's post that he was just making a reference to the continued crisis in the Middle East without taking any sides whatsoever, yet TrojanPundit goes out of his way to misrepresent and out right lies about another Bruin blogger. He in essence insults all of us.

This guy is obviously a small man.  This just shows how freaking desperate he is to get some attention and it should leave no doubt that he is nothing but a coward, deranged, lunatic, who has been reduced to joke all around the college football blogosphere.

I had a hunch.  And was a reason I thought this guy should have been banned from BruinsNation. But BN was classy enough to let him hang around. Look how this small man responded? Tells you a lot about certain Trojan alums ... doesn't it?

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