Nikola Dragovic: Serbian Sniper of Westwood?

Multiple sources are confirming the possibility of Drago (a sharp shooting Serbian) being the newest Bruin. But nothing official yet. GO BRUINS. - N

If I were you guys, I'd get to know this kid:

Nikola Dragovic
Birthdate: 12/20/87
NBA Position: Small Forward
Ht: 6-8
Wt: 214
Int Team: Avada Ada Belgrade
Hometown: Podgorica, Serbia 2006

NBA Comparison: Peja Stojakovic

Strengths: Good basketball understanding ... Dragovic has long arms (6-11), and loves to dunk over guys. He's got a high skill level with excellent shooting ability and range. Shows a level of cockiness that some (especially European) players are missing ... The makings are there for him to turn into a big time prospect.

Weaknesses: Consistency, he still can get down on himself and have off games when things aren't going well ... Can get stronger physically ... Must gain experience at a higher level ...

Notes: One of the most interesting prospects at the 2005 Reebok Eurocamp ca

A Serbian assasin is perhaps about to make an entrance to Westwood.

Coach Howland snuck Luc into Westwood under everyone's radar. He might be on the verge of doing something special again.

Go Bruins!!!!

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